Professional Matters Committee


The committee works towards the recognition of Medical Physics as a profession in Europe (especially by the EU).



Itembu Lannes

Past Chairperson

Brenda Byrne


Sam Agius

  All committee members


These aspects of EFOMP policy are of special interest of the PMC:

Future activities of the Professional Matters Committee are:

Work in progress

National Registration Schemes (NRS)

EFOMP started an updated procedure on approval of National Registration Schemes at the end of 2018.

In 2019, approval has been granted to DGMP (Germany) and NVKF (The Netherlands) Registration Schemes.

In 2020, approval has been granted to SFPM (France) and OGMP (Austria) Registration Schemes.

In 2021, approval has been granted to ICPM / IAPM (Ireland), PTFM (Poland) and HAMP (Greece) Registration Schemes.

In 2022,  approval has been granted to HSMP (Hungary), CAMPBE (Cyprus) Registration Scheme.

In 2023,  approval has been granted to FSMP (Finland) and AIFM (Italy) Registration Scheme.

Professional Matters committee introductory course

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