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The Scientific Committee (SC) acts as an advisory committee to EFOMP Council.The basic objective of the EFOMP SC is the furtherance of the science of medical physics and its related fields of research and clinical applications. In order to do so, the SC promotes the operation of Working Groups for specific topics with wider interest among medical physicists. WGs have to be sponsored by NMOs in order to recruit experienced medical physicists from different countries. Moreover SC advises the possibility of creating Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in order to follow up topics and organizations of particular interest for medical physicists (e.g.: Imaging Informatics, Standard development, biomedical engineering).The SC participates in the production of documentation relating to good practice and the advancement of medical physics competence in Europe.The SC also encourages NMOs in facilitating and organizing meetings and workshops. Those events are important networking forums to exchange information and knowledge on the relevant topics in medical physics.



Eeva Boman

Past Chair

Brendan McClean


Irene Hernandez Girón

  All committee members


The field of medical physics is continuously evolving due to technological and informatics development, and multiprofessionality. The role of the Scientific Committee is to stay aware of that transformation and to help colleagues in Europe to benefit from the new methods that are studied, developed and brought into clinical practice.

Specific areas of interest include (as mentioned in the Terms of Reference):

Additionally, in cooperation with EFOMP Education and Training (ET) Committee:

A number of Working Groups (WG) and Special Interest Groups (SIG) operate under the umbrella of the SC. The SC may co-opt colleagues and experts when it is needed and seen appropriate in order to strengthen the effectiveness of the groups.

Working Groups

Current & Past WGs and Open Calls


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