Projects Committee


The Projects Committee is responsible to the Council of the Federation for participating in the implementation of projects and supporting the participation of Medical Physics institutions for improving research in Medical Physics and the professional status of Medical Physicists in Europe and Internationally.

The committee identifies project calls, in particular tender requests from the EU and links with NMOs and relevant professional societies to put together a bid.



Virginia Tsapaki

Vice Chairperson

Anja Almén

  All committee members


1) EURAMED platform: European Alliance for Medical Radiation Protection Research platform has the vision to lead the European research activities in medical RP and to assume an umbrella function for the harmonisation of practice to advance the European RP safety culture in medicine.

EURAMED Working Group Members as of May 2016:
Christoph Hoeschen, Uni Magdeburg/DE, Chair
John Damilakis, EFOMP
Wolfgang Doerr, ESTRO
Guy Frija, ESR
Gerhard Glatting, EANM
Hans Langendijk, ESTRO
Kristoff Muylle, EANM
Graciano Paulo, EFRS
Wolfram Stiller, ESR
Virginia Tsapaki, EFOMP
Jonathan McNulty, EFRS
Monika Hierath, EIBIR (Support)


2)  EUTEMPE-RX  European Training and Education for Medical Physicists to achieve MPE status in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. After a successful first run of 12 course modules in 2015-2016, the module leaders of the EUTEMPE-RX consortium have now decided to re-run the modules.  As before, high quality, interactive, small group teaching is aimed for. A substantial part of the material is made available online, using a Moodle based e-learning platform, prior to a face-to-face part in the institution of the module leader. The modules bring you to several countries in the EU. The non-profit structure EUTEMPE-net was created for the continuation of these courses and to allow a next phase of the activities:  equivalent programmes for achieving MPE status in Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine.
You can find more information and te complete course progamme for physicists in radiology here:


3) BSS Transposition project The objective of this EC tender project is to evaluate Member States’ activities for the transposition and implementation of Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom in the medical area. In addition, Candidate and EFTA States will be contacted to help facilitate the detection of issues, an exchange of first experiences and resolutions, and the identification of good practices. This project was awarded to a consortium headed by EFOMP You can find more information here:


4) ENETRAP III European Network on Education and Training in Radiological Protection. A pilot course satisfying the training requirements for the RPE in the medical sector was run in Budapest in 2016. Successful course participants are able to show that they are able to provide expert radiation protection advice to employers, staff and members of the public in the medical field. This allows them to seek the status of Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) in the medical field from an authorised body following the recognition procedure of the respective Member State. The consortium are now considering a re-run of the course in late 2017/18.You can find more information here:

Past Projects

1)      ACCIRAD project  Guidelines on a risk analysis of accidental and unintended exposures in radiotherapy. The ACCIRAD report was published in the Radiation Protection Series RP181

2)      PiDRL project 27-month tender project on the establishment of European DRLs for paediatric patients.

3)      EMAN project: on the specific roles of the different experts, as well as training, organisational and ethical aspects. More information can be found here:

4)      European Guidelines on the MPE project Comprehensive guidelines on the role, education and training, staffing levels and recognition of the MPE in Europe based on the provisions for the MPE in EU directive 2013/59/EURATOM.

5)      MEDRAPET project Study on the Implementation of the Requirements   of EU directive 2013/59/EURATOM with regard to   Radiation   Protection   Education and Training   of   Medical   Professionals   in   the   EU; more information here:

6)      DOSEDATAMED II Project  European Guidance on Estimating Population Dose from Medical X-ray Procedures1 (RP154).

7)      EUTEMPE-RX FP7 project EUropean Teaching and Education for Medical Physics Experts in Radiology. The project partners created 12 courses to achieve EQF level 8 in Medical Physics in Radiology,

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