EFOMP Structure

EFOMP Governing Committee


Efi Koutsouveli

Past President

Paddy Gilligan

Secretary General

Brenda Byrne


Jaroslav Ptáček

Communications & Publications

Oleksandra V. Ivashchenko

European & International Matters

Antonio Lopez Medina

Education & Training

Veronica Rossetti

Professional Matters

Itembu Lannes


Dimitris Visvikis


Eeva Boman

Advisory Committees
Communications & Publications Committee

The CP Committee is responsible to the Council for the representation and promotion of the application of physical sciences to medicine in the public.


European & international Matters Committee

The EUM Committee is responsible to the Council for the representation of the interest of the Federation to the various bodies of the European Union.


Education & Training Committee

Encourages NMOs to facilitate practitioners' attainment of competence and excellence in the application of physical sciences to medicine. Responsible also for co-ordinating across the NMOs the establishment and maintenance of the means of recognition of competence and excellence of those working as Medical Physicists.


Professional Matters Committee

Works towards the recognition of Medical Physics as a Profession by the EU. Advises NMOs on compliance with the EFOMP Policy Statements.Provides advice and maintain statistics on Registration Schemes operated by NMOs. Advices the President when EFOMP is asked to comment on the quality of training in a country of a NMO.Liaises with other Medical Physics organisations on training.


Projects Committee

The Projects Committee is responsible to the Council of the Federation for participating in the implementation of projects and supporting the participation of Medical Physics institutions for improving research in Medical Physics and the professional status of Medical Physicists in Europe and Internationally.


Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is responsible to the Council for the furtherance of the science of Medical Physics. It encourages NMOs to facilitate meetings and workshops for the exchange of information and to participate in the production of documentation relating to good practice and the advancement of Medical Physics in Europe.