International Day of Medical Physics (November 7, 2021)

Communicating the Role of Medical Physicists to the Public

IDMP 2021 Message

Dear colleagues,

This year, IOMP’s adopted theme is “Communicating the Role of Medical Physicists to the Public”.  The main aim behind adopting this theme is to educate the public about our role as leaders in the field specifying that Medical Physicists do the following:

  1. Take the lead in optimizing the use of radiation to treat cancer.
  2. Estimate radiation doses from radiological imaging procedures.
  3. Teach doctors, radiological technologists and nurses about the radiations used in imaging and treatment.
  4. Are responsible for radiation safety of patients and staff.
  5. Understand newer imaging and therapy technologies and train others to use them.

Please use the IDMP 2021 poster to be widely distributed in your Events and Celebrations among your prospective Medical Physics Societies in your IOMP Regional Organization throughout the World.

Best Regards,

Ibrahim Duhaini
IOMP Treasurer
IDMP Coordinator

To celebrate the day an IOMP-IDMP Webinar: Communicating the Role of Medical Physicists to the Public with participation of several public communication experts and journalists will take place on Sunday, 7th November 2021 at 12 pm GMT.T a webinar. Three important persons have been invited whose presentations will help  to develop mechanisms to interact with public at large.  

Official Web Page of IDMP

IDMP 2021 in Europe

Europe celebrates IDMP 2021

An article describing the activities of EFOMP NMOs that was published in Electronic Medical Physics World, December 2021, Vol. 37(12), No.2


After 1.5 years of online meetings, the desire to see each other again in real life keeps gnawing, therefore  a real-life BHPA seminar and networking event is organised on the occasion of the International Day of Medical Physics on Tuesday November 16th, 5 PM in Brussels. The event consists of a short general seminar matched with the occasion, by Federica Zanca and Keith Faulkner (UK) followed by food and drinks.

Jan Vandecasteele, BHPA President


The Croatian Society of Medical Physics will celebrate IDMP2021 on the November 12th at the Department of Physics,Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb.


The French Society of Medical Physics will celebrate IDMP2021 wirh related posts on social media.


The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) is oorganizing the Virtual International Day of Medical Physics 2021 in Heidelberg. This year´s topic is "Communicating the Role of Medical Physicists to the Public" and colleagues will explain our daily tasks and challenges in the field of "Medical Physics in Radiation Therapy" to everyone out there. The Live-Online-Event is scheduled for Sunday,. November 7th 2021 from 1 - 2.30pm (CET)  with national and international colleagues and it is hosted online via Zoom. Participantion is free of charge and everyone who is interested can register.  This Live-Online-Event is supplemented by short videos where members of DKFZ give an insight into their daily tasks and challenges on a commonly understandable level.



The Greek Society of Medical Physics will organise a public awareness event about the role of Medical Physicist at Attikon University Hospital on the November 8th.



The Italian Society of Medical Physicists is organising a scientific day to celebrate IDMP, in presence and online on the 5th of November. The venue is the Centro Congressi Paganini in Parma (Italian Capital of Culture 2021).

Carlo Cavedon, AIFM President


The 15th International Conference Medical Physics in Baltic States 2021” & EFOMP school on Individual dosimetry, organized by the Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), the European Federation of Organisations For Medical Physics, the Society of Medical Physicists (Lithuania) and Malmö University Hospital, Lund University (Sweden) will be held on 4-6 November, 2021. The event will be both in person and virtual and will include celebrations for IDMP2021. EFOMP officers will attend the celebrations.


The Romanian College of Medical Physicists is organising the "9th Romanian Conference of Medical Physics" which will take place on the 6-7th of November.

Loredana Marcu, President of the Romanian College of Medical Physicists


The Spanish Society of Medical Physicists will celebrate IDMP2021 in Valencia on the 6th of November. A social media campaign about Marie Curie and the profession of Medical Physics is organised prior to that date. A photo contest with a subject related to Medical Physics is also being organised with the hashtag # 7NSEFMChallenge. The winning photo will be the one whose publication has had the most likes on all social networks until 11:59 p.m. on November 2.

Damián Guirado Llorente, SEFM President