ESMPE Past Editions

Edition Period Title Domain Duration (Hours) Scientific Chair Chair of the school
1st 2013 Jul 4-6

Clinical Medical Device Management: Specification, Acceptance testing, Commissioning, QC and Advanced applications in Whole-body PET/CT

Nuclear Medicine 19 M. Brambilla C. Caruana
2nd 2014 Jul 10-12

Advanced Kinetic Modeling and Parametric Methods
Advanced SPECT and PET Applications in Cardiology,
Neurology and Oncology

Nuclear Medicine 19 M. Brambilla C. Caruana
3rd 2015 Jan 29-31

Digital Mammography and Quality Controls

Diagnostic Radiology 18 G. Gennaro A. Torresin
4th 2015 Jul 2-Jul 4

Radiopharmaceutical dosimetry

Nuclear Medicine 17 M. Bardies M Brambilla
5th 2016 Jan 28-30

Computed Tomography Imaging: Dosimetry, Optimization and Advanced Clinical applications.

Diagnostic Radiology 20 A. Torresin M Brambilla
6th 2016 Jul 7-9

Practical aspects of Radiation Dosimetry in Targeted Radionuclide Medicine Therapy

Nuclear Medicine 18 M. Bardies M Brambilla
7th 2017 Jan 26-28

Imaging in Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy 19 G. Loi A. Torresin
8th 2017 Jul 6-8

Magnetic resonance Imaging: Advanced clinical applications Safety aspects Quality controls

Diagnostic Radiology 18 D. Lurie A. Torresin