About EFOMP’s Examination Board


EFOMP’s Examination Board (EEB) has been established to facilitate the harmonization of Medical Physics education and training standards throughout Europe. EEB introduces the European Diploma of Medical Physics (EDMP) and the European Attestation Certificate to those Medical Physicists that have reached the Medical Physics Expert level (EACMPE). EEB examinations are tests of excellence in Medical Physics. They are designed to assess the knowledge, skills and competences requisite for the delivery of high standard Medical Physics services.

Currently medical physicists in European countries face difficulties in providing the necessary qualification evidence when they seek employment in other EU Member States or other countries. The EDMP will facilitate mobility of medical physicists in Europe and beyond. Furthermore, EEB provides an attestation certificate to those medical physicists that have reached the Medical Physics Expert level to be recognized by the relevant competent authorities of the EU according to the EU Directive 2013/59/EURATOM laying down the basic safety standards for protection against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation (EU BSS). Information about EDMP and EACMPE, examination dates, venue, application forms and other documents can be found in this webpage.

The EEB examinations are voluntary. EEB diplomas will not replace any national certificates. However, they will be a common European qualification for medical physicists and will help to standardise training and expertise in Medical Physics across Europe.


Chairman 2020-2022: Kay-Uwe Kasch


Chairman 2017-2019: John Damilakis