IAEA-EUTEMPE RX joint webinar: Problem solving in digital mammography

Publication Date: Jan 9th, 2019 17:21, Category: Associated Organisations Announcements

This Friday (January 11), 2pm-3pm, the group of the EUTEMPE RX Module 9 will present an ‘IAEA & EUTEMPE’ WEBINAR on the topic of ‘Problem solving in Digital Mammography’. Register and attend this free webinar via this link to get a feeling for the content covered in module 9.

We sincerely thank the IAEA for this opportunity to reach out to the world. 

Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands 
Module leaders: Ruben van Engen and Ioannis Sechopoulos. 
Online: Jan 21, 2019. 
Onsite: March 25 – 29, 2019

Prof. Hilde  Bosmans 
EUTEMPE-net coordinator
Leuven, Belgium