IAEA Technical Meeting on Safety Culture in Medical Uses of Radiation IAEA Headquarters

Publication Date: Sep 15th, 2018 13:23, Category: Associated Organisations Announcements

ΙΑΕΑ Technical meeting on Safety Culture in Medical Use of Radiation will take place in Vienna, Austria 1–3 October 2018  

The purpose of the meeting is to develop training material for strengthening radiation safety culture in medicine. Participants from Member States and professional organizations will be requested to provide information on current activities in radiation safety culture in their country, and to help define the training curriculum and methodology for improving safety culture in medical applications.   

Medical radiation professionals will benefit from having prepared training material, evaluation and assessment tools to help promote a strong safety culture. Regulatory bodies will benefit from the implementation of the training material, because the latter is expected to reduce the number of reportable errors as well as cases of non-compliance with regulatory requirements. A strong culture of safety helps to promote the use of radiation in medicine in a manner that is compliant with safety standards. Professional organizations can benefit from the training by incorporating the material into continuing professional development and university educational programmes. The public can have greater confidence that radiation used in medicine is used safely and that there is no harm to patients.