IAEA technical Meeting on Preventing Unintended and Accidental Exposure

Publication Date: Jun 6th, 2018 07:44, Category: Associated Organisations Announcements

Participants in the first IAEA meeting on Preventing Unintended and Accidental Exposure that took place on May 18-24, 2018, discussed how to ensure the safety of patients, health workers and the public in nuclear medicine. The meeting attracted 45 nuclear medicine physicians, medical physicists, radiopharmacists, radiation technologists and regulators from over 30 countries and nine international organizations. EFOMP was represented by Klaus Bacher, chair of the European Matters Committee. The experts met at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna and worked on a report with safety measures on unintended and accidental exposures  in order to support national authorities and hospitals in ensuring safety of patients, staff and the public.
More information: https://tinyurl.com/y8cmpb23