EMP News Spring 2018 issue just released

Publication Date: Mar 7th, 2018 21:51, Category: EFOMP Announcements

Dear Readers, 

your increasing interest in this publication has motivated the decision of the EFOMP Communication and Publications Committee to produce four (instead of two) issues of this EFOMP newsletter, European Medical Physics News, starting from 2018. We will continue, on a quarterly basis (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter issues), to inform the European community of medical physicists of relevant facts in our field, in which EFOMP and its National Member Organizations are involved.

Released on 1st March 2018, this is the Spring 2018 issue of EMP News. As indicated in the Editorial to the Autumn 2017 issue, we intend to give room in EMP News also to articles from young medical physicists, describing their current implication with research themes in medical physics, including e.g. their PhD thesis. They can be either solicited or proffered (normally, such short articles are 600 words maximum, plus 1-3 figures, a photo and a 50-word bio of the author in separate files), please contact the Editorial Board at pubcommittee@efomp.org. We would like to attract young physicists to our discipline by speaking to them of the work of other young physicists all around Europe, of their experience, their dreams, their dedication to medical physics science and profession. For each article published in EMP News you will find a photo and a short biography of the author: we want to give a face to the names of all our contributors, because medical physics is a community of persons, who share a common passion. A collection of all photos of contributors can be found at the end of each Issue.
We introduced also a new section dedicated to book reviews.
The Editorial Board of EMP News hopes you will find this Issue of your interest!

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Paolo Russo & Your editorial team

Email: pubcommittee@efomp.org
European Medical Physics News, 1st March 2018