Mobility Grants for Young Professionals

Publication Date: Oct 6th, 2023 10:15, Category: EFOMP Announcements



The EU funded ENEN2plus project stands for the largest and most integrative nuclear Education and Training (E&T) efforts up to date, integrates the still fragmented European E&T community by bringing together the large number of participants from all nuclear energy related fields and from the non-power applications. Its objectives are 

Analysing the needs of human resources (HRs) in the nuclear sector
Informing and attracting new talents to the nuclear field
Enhancing nuclear competences by continuous E&T programmes
Developing sustainable vocational training programs and networks
Establishing a successful mobility scheme for nuclear talents
Internationalization and stakeholders involvement

In the framework of the ENEN2plus project, a large budget is foreseen for transnational mobility actions, also in the domains of radiation protection. The mobility grants are intended primarily for students and early career professionals (up to 10 years of experience), who are aiming to advance the knowledge, skills, experience etc., needed to enable or improve their nuclear careers. For individual actions, the applicant proposes an individual work plan and the host institution. Recommended individual actions include internships (whether or not in preparation of a thesis), on the job trainings, study and/or research exchanges, active participation in a research conferences and training courses.  Mobility grants are in principle provided as lump sums directly to the selected applicants and are intended exclusively to cover mobility (transportation and subsistence) costs and access or registration fees.

There are application deadlines every 2 months, and the mobility action should start after June 1, 2022 and end before May 31, 2026.

Check out the mobility manual to see if you are eligible, and apply via the ENEN2plus website.




The European Partnership for Radiation Protection Research (PIANOFORTE contributes to improving the protection of the public, workers, patients and the environment from environmental, occupational and medical exposure to ionizing radiation. It brings together 58 partners representing 22 European Union countries as well as the United Kingdom and Norway, and is coordinated by the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN). It is co-financed by the European Union's EURATOM program and the governments of the participating countries. Through the research activities that will be carried out within its framework,


PIANOFORTE will contribute to the implementation of European policies such as the European plan to combat cancer, the green pact for growth, and the implementation of the roadmap for reducing industrial and natural risks.

Via its work package 4 on Education and Training, mobility grants are available for early career researchers and professionals to allow research visits, field trips and participation in conferences and training courses. 

Travel grants for early career researchers
PIANOFORTE offers 20,000 € per year for travel awards to junior scientists working in the field of radiation protection research. Early career researchers (max 7 years after gaining the PhD), PhD or MSc students working in the broad field of radiation protection research. The support is not paid to BSc students. 

More information: 

Travel grants for early career radiation protection professionals
PIANOFORTE offers 20,000 € per year for travel awards to junior radiation protection professionals. Support can be given for participation in a conference, in a course or for an exchange visit to a radiation protection facility.

Early career radiation protection professionals (e.g. first responders, occupational health physicians, radiation protection officers and experts, medical physics experts, regulators and industry professionals) who are max 7 years after starting their career. 

More information: 

Applications may be submitted at any time. However, there are 4 application deadlines per year:

·         31st March,

·         30th June,

·         30th September,

·         31st December.

After each deadline a maximum sum of 5000€ will be paid out to the top applicants. The maximal level of support per applicant is 1000€.