EFOMP's Individual Associate Member (IAM) 2022 Subscription

Publication Date: Jan 12th, 2022 10:26, Category: EFOMP Announcements


By joining EFOMP as an Individual Associate Member (IAM) you became part of a large (and growing) community, with over 900 IAMs registered by the end of 2021!

We hope that you enjoyed the benefits that being an EFOMP IAM gave you and that you will choose to renew your membership for the calendar year 2022.

Renewing your membership is very easy – simply log in to your account via the IAM web site and follow the instructions there to renew your membership for 2022. IAM membership remains excellent value-for-money, at only €15 for an annual subscription.

IAMs can access the EFOMP e-Learning site, and watch past and forthcoming EFOMP schools and webinars.

Please note that if you do not renew your IAM membership, you will continue to have access to the e-Learning site until the 10th of February 2022, but after that date access will be deactivated until membership is renewed.

Please note that IAMs who became paid the annual subscription in November or December 2021 will automatically have access for the calendar year 2022.

Kind regards and Happy New Year!

EFOMP Governing Committee