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 Next year ECMP will welcome Germany (DGMP). Germany has been selected to honour the commitment of German medical physicists within EFOMP. German Medical Physics have achieved significant scientific success over the last years and will offer attendees interesting insights. Germany will organize one Refresher Course and two scientific sessions as described below.




23 August 2018 08.00 - 09.00
Refresher Course - Risk management in Radiotherapy

Introduction, Katia Parodi (Chair), Munich
The role of the MPE in risk management, Uwe Wolff, Vienna
Practical examples of risk analysis in radiotherapy, Markus Buchgeister, Berlin


23 August 2018 16.30 - 18.00
Scientific Session - MR/US image guidance in radiation therapy

Chairpersons Katia Parodi, Munich and Markus Buchgeister, Berlin

Clinical Deployment of the MRidian Linac, Markus Alber, Heidelberg
Initial experience with the Elekta Unity system
, Daniela Thorwarth, Tübingen
MR-guided radiotherapy at the LMU in Munich: preliminary studies, Florian Kamp, Munich
Ultrasound guidance in radiotherapy - renaissance through innovation, Svenja Ipsen, Lübeck


24 August 2018 16.30 - 18.00
Scientific Session - Ion beam therapy
Chairpersons Markus Alber, Heidelberg and Daniela Thorwarth, Tübingen
Novel developments in ion beam dosimetry and beam delivery, Oliver Jäkel, Heidelberg
Dual energy CT for improved range prediction in proton therapy: What can we gain?
Christian Richter, Dresden
Ion-based imaging and in-vivo range verification in ion beam therapy: status and perspective Katia Parodi, Munich


See the preliminary programme for ECMP 2018 here


We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen to the 2nd
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