4th EFOMP-EUTEMPE didactic Webinar and Masterclass

Publication Date: Dec 26th, 2020 23:30, Category: EFOMP Announcements

The 4th EFOMP-EUTEMPE webinar will take place on Tuesday 12th, January 2021 12:00 CET and masterclass on Tuesday 2nd, February 2021 12:00 CET.

Webinar: An introduction to strategic and robust leadership in medical physics


Masterclass: Medical physics leadership – real world case studies from the trenches 

by Carmel Caruana, Malta

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In today’s highly competitive world, being a good scientist is not sufficient for a profession to expand and prosper; strategic and robust leadership has become critical.  Leadership is of concern to all healthcare professions, but it is critical for small professions such as ours.  This webinar is an invitation for present and future Medical Physics leaders to think more deeply about their role in today’s world.  I hope to provoke much needed discussion and debate and to encourage more Medical Physicists to devote some of their quality time to this highly relevant issue.  Present professional challenges need to be addressed in the same way that we address our Medical Physics problems: we need to analyze them, research them and devise a strategy to solve them.  To be successful as a profession, we need strategic and robust leaders who are well-prepared to take on difficult challenges and who do not only aim to preserve the successes and gains  of the past but can push the profession to new heights.

In the masterclass we will, together with a panel of leaders, discuss and attempt to formulate strategies for some case studies of real world challenges that the profession is facing out there (including ones submitted by participants of the webinar). 

Carmel J. Caruana PhD FIPEM 
Full Professor and Head of Medical Physics at the University of Malta, Professor Caruana specializes in diagnostic and interventional radiology, radiation protection, medical devices, physical agents and legislative, professional and education and training issues. Owing to the importance of education and training and professional matters for the development of the Medical Physics profession he has dedicated the last twenty years of his career to these issues and has over sixty papers and innumerable conference presentations in these areas to his name. He is past-chairperson of the Education and Training Committee of EFOMP, lead author of the role and education and training chapters of the EU document ‘European Guidelines on the Medical Physics Expert’, lead author of the EFOMP policy statements on education and training (PS12.1) and the role of the Medical Physicist (PS16) and past Associate Editor for Educational and Training and Professional issues for Physica Medica, the European Journal of Medical Physics. He set up the European School for Medical Physics Experts in Prague and authored the EUTEMPE-EFOMP leadership module ‘Leadership in Medical Physics, Development of the profession and the challenges for the Medical Physics Expert’ which was the first such module worldwide. In 2020 he published the first ever book on leadership in medical physics entitled ‘Leadership and Challenges in Medical Physics: A Strategic and Robust Approach’

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