7th EFOMP-IAPM Lockdown webinar

Publication Date: Oct 3rd, 2020 12:04, Category: EFOMP Announcements

Dear colleagues,

EFOMP and IAPM are inviting you to attend the 7th lockdown webinar.

CT screening for lung disease has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include early diagnosis of disease whereas an obvious disadvantage is the radiation dose to the asymtomatic patient. Ireland, like many other countries, has no National Screening Program for CT lung screening but considering lung cancer is a leading cause of death is there a need for CT lung screening? In light of COVID should CT lung screening be performed to identify positive cases faster than a lab test? Can a national program be set out while following the regulations set out in the Basic Safety Standards? What effective dose is received from screening CT?

This EFOMP-IAPM lockdown webinar workshop aims to discuss these issues.

The aim of the lockdown talks was to bring Medical Physicists closer together during the Covid-19 time and discuss new working arrangements and challenges in diagnosis and treatment, issues arising in our working environments, novel strategies applied and lessons learned that may improve our practices and services in the future.


CT Lung Cancer Screening
7th Lockdown Event
14:00-16:15 GMT, 22nd of October 2020
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