IAEA - SAFRON reporting and learning system

Publication Date: May 29th, 2020 06:26, Category: Associated Organisations Announcements

SAFRON, Safety in Radiation Oncology is an integrated voluntary reporting and learning system which started in December 2012 for adding radiotherapy incidents. SAFRON has over 50 registered medical facilities and hospitals all over the world. The system has over 1300 incident reports covering various types of incidents including errors and near misses.

The IAEA recently launched an incident learning system to collect also information from radionuclide therapy events.

The SAFRON radionuclide therapy incident learning systems does share some basic software architecture with radiotherapy but has been designed to meet the needs of medical professional providing this service. This system is in response to a 2018 Technical Meeting and “Guidance on prevention of unintended and accidental radiation exposures in nuclear medicine”. A consultancy meeting was held in late 2018 to develop the registration information, process steps, safety systems, safety barriers. This information was then provided to IAEA IT staff who constructed the system.

SAFRON is an easy system to add events that can improve safety in all clinics. Some of the type of events that might be included in the incident learning system are errors in the patient preparation, patient identification and administration of the radionuclides.

More information on how to register for SAFRON Radionuclide Therapy Incident Learning