Working Group on the role of Medical Physicist Experts in Clinical Trials

Publication Date: Mar 10th, 2020 21:53, Category: EFOMP Announcements

The EFOMP hereby announces a new Working Group (WG) entitled “Role of MPE in clinical trials”.
The WG will operate under Scientific Committee from 10th July 2020 to 14th June 2022.
The rationale of the WG: To develop a consensus guidance document for the work MPEs do in clinical trials across Europe. The document will complement the work by American colleagues in AAPM TG 113. In addition, the document will aim to complement any MPE guidance from National Member Organisations. Furthermore, the document will aim to cover external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy, nuclear medicine / molecular radiotherapy and imaging. Including all of these areas should enable the WG to cover all current and emerging areas of the role of an MPE in clinical trials. Considerations will be made for the ethics of MPEs working in clinical trials. This will include, but is not limited to, general advice and appropriate use of anonymized data.

The chair of the WG is Natalie Abbott (UK).

The expected outcome is a guidance document on the role of the MPE in clinical trials for the medical physics community.
The targeted audience is EFOMP members, medical physics community in general, clinical trials units, other professionals working in trials involving radiation.
The WG will be established in early July 2020. 
NMOs are kindly asked to distribute this announcement to their members, who can apply to be a member of this WG electronically using the attached WG member application form. A professional CV is required.
The term for accepting applications for membership is from 10th March 2020 to 25th of June 2020. Applications must be made electronically using the enclosed form.
Send your WG membership applications here:

Yolanda Prezado (cc to Jaroslav Ptáček