HERCA Awareness Campaign 2019

Publication Date: Nov 9th, 2019 11:02, Category: Associated Organisations Announcements


On the International Day of Radiology the 8th of November 2019, the association of European Radiation protection Competent Authorities, HERCA, has launched a communication campaign “Getting the right image for my patient”. The campaign is launched in 19 European countries and its aim is to raise awareness on the appropriate use of medical radiological examinations.

The campaign stages a consultation situation between referrer and patient. It sets out 7 key questions the referrer should ask when referring for an imaging examination and It highlights what is in the interest of the patient, along with some simple reflections and arguments that can be readily put forward during the consultation.

HERCA Campaign

HERCA is a voluntary association in which the Heads of Radiation Protection Authorities work together in order to identify common issues and propose practical solutions for these issues. HERCA is working on topics generally covered by provisions of the EURATOM Treaty. The programme of work of HERCA is based on common interest in significant regulatory issues. HERCA brings together 56 radiation protection Authorities from 32 European countries.