EFOMP-ESTRO Physics Committee Working Group

Publication Date: Oct 26th, 2019 09:34, Category: EFOMP Announcements

EFOMP and ESTRO are starting the review of the Core Curriculum (CC) in medical physics in radiation oncology. The last version was published in 2011 and there is a need to adapt the CC to the current and future needs of the profession.

Recent advances in our field, such as automation, big data analysis, and personalized treatments that require integration of imaging with clinical, genetic and biological data, support the need for a further revision to keep up with this rapid evolving field, but also to reinforce the scientific role of the medical physicists.

For this reason, an EFOMP-ESTRO Working Group has been recently established. On behalf of EFOMP the following officers will be part of the revision WG.
Christoph Bert 
Oscar Casares - Magaz 
Efi Koutsouveli 
Ad Maas 
Yolanda Prezado 

Group leaders on behalf of ESTRO Physics Committee
Catharine Clark 
Cristina Garibaldi

The group includes representatives appointed by the National Medical Physics Societies as well as EFOMP committee members.

As a first action point a Survey on Medical Physics Education and Training in Europe has been prepared and distributed to the National Member Organsiations mainly focusing on how education and training is structured in different European countries as well as to what degree the 2011 CC was implemented.

Core Curriculum (CC) in medical physics in radiation oncology 2011

EFOMP - ESTRO joint survey