EFOMP - Photo Contest

Publication Date: Dec 2nd, 2019 16:14, Category: EFOMP Announcements

Dear colleagues

the Communications and Publications committee is very happy to inform you about the success of “the hobby section” of EMP News. We feel that this social part of EMP News is of great importance, since it shows that in the end, we are not only scientists, but also persons of multiple interests.

To further support our community (and to make EMP News even prettier) the Communications and Publications committee decided to start a photo contest. The reward for the best three photos will be their publication in the corresponding issue of EMP News in a high-quality graphical section, together with information about the author. Winning photos will also be published on EFOMP webpage and through social media. Non-winning photos can be published in a dedicated section of the EFOMP webpage.

The winning entries from 2020 have been comiled into EFOMP's 2021 photo calendar, you can download a copy here.

The contest is now in it's 7th edition. You can read about the current contest here.

Please follow www.efomp.org for the future announcements, read EFOMP photo contest terms and conditions and send your photos and accompanying documents to pubcommittee@efomp.org (stating PHOTOCONTEST in the subject).

We are looking forward your creative photos!

Winner of the 1st round: Malin Head, Co. Donegal, Ireland by Brenda Byrne