EFOMP Working Group on EFOMP PS14 – Safety of MRI

Publication Date: Jun 3rd, 2019 08:09, Category: EFOMP Announcements


After a successful call on new Working Group (WG) entitled “Revision of EFOMP PS14 – Safety of MRI” EFOMP is proud to announce, that the final composition was approved according to EFOMP procedures. EFOMP POLICY statement PS14  
The WG is ready to operate under Scientific Committee from June 2019 to June 2020 (chair Dr Yolanda Prezado). The chair of the WG is Dr Simone Busoni (IT).
For this WG nominations were sent by the National Member Organisations.
According to EFOMP procedures, which are included in an EFOMP manual the selection is based on fulfilling specific criteria.
First of all, the balanced geographical distribution of members has to be guaranteed: the WG needs to be widely representative of the European community. As for the selection, the country in which the applicant works is considered.

When two or more applications are received from the same country, the selection is made considering the experience in the activities for which the WG is created. Evaluation is based on CVs included in applications.
The number of members is limited to 10 (minimum 5).


The WG finalised the work in November 2020. A  postal ballot on the Revision of the EFOMP Policy Statement PS14 has been launched  and ended on 10th of January 2021. Council has approved the addendum to “EFOMP PS 14 – The role of the Medical Physicist in the management of safety within the magnetic resonance imaging environment: EFOMP recommendations” which you can find it attached.