Welcome message from the President of the 3d European Congress of Medical Physics (ECMP2020)

Publication Date: Mar 30th, 2019 07:18, Category: EFOMP Announcements

Embracing change, sharing knowledge


Welcome Message


It is my pleasure to welcome all European medical physicists to participate in ECMP 2020, the third European Congress of Medical Physics, in Torino, Italy.

Following the successful second congress, ECMP 2018 in Copenhagen, we are looking forward to meeting an increased number of colleagues from all medical physics disciplines. The organizing committee of the congress is also happy to announce Spain as the welcome nation of ECMP 2020.

Our profession has always been constantly moving along with the new physical, technological, and quantitative methods emerging to support medicine. In our field, the state of change is a norm, not an exception. During recent years, we have witnessed even more rapid advancements in many areas, such as artificial intelligence, which calls for further reassessment of our professional development, roles, and education. We should embrace this change by using our expertise and updating our knowledge. Sharing ideas between medical physics specialities continues to be one of the keys to keep up with our evolving role in both research and clinical work. Embracing change and sharing knowledge is also the guiding objective of ECMP 2020 and its scientific program.

Our conference city Torino has a rich history from ancient times right up to these modern days. In addition to our scientific program, please enjoy your time in Torino by visiting its attractions, from historical architecture to the contemporary side, for example the car museum in the conference area. Outdoors, you may still enjoy the late summer and take a stroll in the parks and along the river Po.

I would like to express my thanks to AIFM - the Italian Association for Medical Physics - and to their President Michele Stasi for hosting the event, and for choosing the excellent venue at the modern and well accessible Lingotto Conference Centre. The venue represents by its part the principle of change, as the centre has been converted from Fiat’s first major car factory into a modern conference centre by Renzo Piano’s design.

Welcome - Benvenuti



Mika Kortesniemi

President of the ECMP 2020