Clinician Scientist Group Leader Recruitment

Position: Clinician Scientist Group Leader

Institution: UCL

Location: London, United Kingdom

Application closes at: Mar 30th, 2020 23:59


A new round of recruitment of Physical Sciences Group Leaders at the Francis Crick Institute in London is about to begin. This will be in partnership with UCL with the aim that the successful candidate will establish their main research base at the Crick for six years (funded by Crick), and then transfer to a cognate department at the university which the successful candidate has identified in their application, ie Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering, for a permanent position.

All the details are here

It is a very good opportunity for someone to set up and lead their own research group and have access to the facilities at the Crick and tie in with the UCL Medical Physics Department and the new UCLH proton centre.