PhD student position on motion management approaches for proton radiotherapy of moving targets

Position: PhD student

Institution: Uppsala University, Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology

Location: Uppsala, Sweden

Application closes at: Sep 16th, 2019 23:59


A PhD student position is available for highly motivated individuals with interest in computational problems in proton radiotherapy to join the Medical Physics group at Uppsala University, Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology. The research will aim at developing calculation tools to simulate interplay effects in proton radiotherapy with scanned beams and to quantify the resulting dose uncertainties from various motion management approaches including repainting and gating. The focus of the project will be on moving lung tumours. Deformable image registration will be used to track dose distributions during the breathing cycle and to add them to a common reference image. Principal Component Analysis together with multiple scenario approaches will be used for planning and optimization. In this project, the selected candidate will have opportunity to study complex problems in radiation response quantification, treatment planning optimization and radiotherapy motion management in a team devoted to improve radiotherapy techniques in close cooperation with clinicians.