Start Date: Apr 26th, 2019 00:00

End Date: Apr 30th, 2019 00:00


Location: Milan, Italy



‘Targeting optimal care, together’ will be the theme of ESTRO 38 and through these few, however impactful words, the Scientific and organising committees would like to put a spotlight on the multiprofessional and multidisciplinary aspect of our specialty. The theme also represents our strength: we are all working towards a common goal for improved patient outcomes, and this will be expressed throughout the scientific programme: 

Targeting: the concept is inherent to the radiation oncology specialty, and certainly well in line with the modern concept of precision medicine.

Optimal Care: the value and the cost for radiotherapy are an inseparable part of the equation for optimal treatment. Although the clinical outcome of our patients is the priority in our daily practice, this cannot happen without common efforts to improve the access to treatment for all cancer patients.

Together: the radiation oncology community is a mosaic of various stakeholders: medical and scientific communities, industry, national societies as well as oncology organisations, institutes, patients and advocates. We all join forces. 


ESTRO-EFOMP Joint Symposium: Multi-disciplinary working in Radiotherapy


Saturday, April 27th, 14:30 - 15:45

As we continue to seek to advance radiotherapy treatment through improved imaging and effective analysis of data the scientific disciplines required to deliver the best care are expanding. In this session we explore the multi-disciplinary nature of modern radiotherapy and highlight some of the important new roles. The perspective of physicists with a speciality other than radiotherapy will give their perspective on the changes they had to make to adapt to working in the radiotherapy multi-disciplinary team. In this session we will explore the view working in radiotherapy from physicists specialising in MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and data science.

Chair (Ranald Iain Mackay, UK/ Efi Koutsouveli, Greece)

Working for radiotherapy applications: The perspective of a nuclear medicine physicist in the era of Hybrid Imaging Systems, Valentino Bettinardi, Italy

Working in radiotherapy from the perspective of an MRI physicist, Lars E. Olsson, Sweden

Working with radiotherapy from the perspective of US physicist, Emma Harris, United Kingdom

Working with radiotherapy from the perspective of data/computer scientist, David Sarrut, France



EFOMP will have a booth at the Communities Pavilion located in the exhibition area (MiCo, Hall 3). It can be visited from Friday 26 April at 19:00 and it will remain open from Saturday 27th April to Monday 29th April 09:30-17:00 hrs.

Short presentation at the open STAGE area on Saturday, April 27th, 16:00