UT Austin Portugal 2021 Annual Conference

Start Date: Oct 20th, 2021 01:22

End Date: Oct 21st, 2021 11:22

URL: https://conference.utaustinportugal.org/

Location: Porto, Portugal

UT Austin Portugal 2021 Annual Conference

The UT Austin Portugal 2021 Annual Conference happens this year in the city of Porto, with a mix of great hybrid and virtual-only sessions. We invite our transatlantic community and beyond to look into interdisciplinary research and collaboration as the way forward to more resilient societies. 

Under the theme "Connecting the dots: interdisciplinarity as a way to build up resilience", this event intends to discuss how interdisciplinarity in science is helping societies become more resilient, i.e., able to cope with adversity and distress and come out stronger.

Includes: warm-up sessions, fireside chat, roundtables, masterclasses