Celebration of IDMP - AIFM - Italy

Start Date: Nov 7th, 2017 00:00

End Date: Nov 8th, 2017 00:00

Location: Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy

Celebration of IDMP - AIFM - Italy

Information about the activities organised by Italian Association for the International Day of Medical Physics 2017.

You will find a flyer attached to this message reporting the program of a special Symposium entitled "The future of Medical Physics", to be held in Pistoia - a city in Tuscany declared by the national Government the "Italian Capital of Culture" for the current year. Thanks to this status, the location is granted special attention by the media and a significant public coverage of the event is expected.

The program focuses on future developments of our discipline, especially in non-traditional areas, involving national and international personalities from the research world. Special attention will be paid to the role of women in Medical Physics.