Become A Company Member

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The European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics (EFOMP) was founded in May 1980 to serve as an umbrella organisation representing the National Medical Physics Societies in Europe. The membership covers 36 national organisations which together represent more than 9,000 medical physicists and engineers working in the field of Medical Physics. It aims to foster and coordinate the activities of its National Member Organisations, encourage exchange and dissemination of professional and scientific information, to develop guidelines for education, training and accreditation programmes and to make recommendations on the responsibilities, organisational relationships and roles of Medical Physicists.

In addition to its member societies EFOMP also encourages companies to take part in its work by becoming a Company Member. Being a Company Member allows you to interact with the medical physics community in Europe in a number of ways that are listed below.

Company Membership of EFOMP is maintained by way of payment of a subscription (550 euros + 21% VAT) due on the 1st January each year.

Companies wishing to become a member should complete the application form attached for consideration by the officers of EFOMP. 

Benefits of membership

  • You will be acknowledged on the home page of the EFOMP website and a link to your own website can be included free of charge. Company logo is also included in the Company members page in alphabetical order. 
  • You can submit short information papers on product development and related scientific topics for publication in the electronic Medical Physics News (EMPN) at the discretion of the Editor-in-chief.  
  • You will receive discount off published rates for any adverts placed in the EMP News. The Newsletter is published four times per year and distributed to more than 3000 subscribers and EFOMP National Member Organizations
  • You may publish educational papers in the EMP News free of charge subject to prior agreement with the Editor. 
  • You may publish job openings on EFOMP website free of charge. Please submit the job opening here!
  • Specific Company announcements can be shared via EFOMP's Social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) at the discretion of the Internet Manager.
  • You will be invited to attend the biennial European Congress of Medical Physics (ECMP).  
  • You may apply for becoming a consultant or observer at EFOMP Working Groups.
  • You may contribute with scientific presentations in the EFOMP school editions (online and in person).
  • You can attend the annual EFOMP Council meeting as an observer where you can speak at the discretion of the Chair; however you will not be entitled to vote. 
  • You will receive, for information only, a copy of all approved EFOMP Policy Statements and Protocols.    
  • You may submit to the Secretary General any suggestions regarding the enhancement of your collaboration, or that of the industry generally with EFOMP, for consideration by the Officers. 

Additional information on price list for advertisement in EFOMP publications will be given upon request by EFOMP administration office. Please contact and