IRMER update

Venue: The Royal Society of Medicine, London


Building on the success of previous BIR IRMER updates, this event aims to provide an invaluable multi-disciplinary forum in which to hear about current practice and the direction
of flow of IRMER. We have the opportunity to influence the future implementation of IRMER such as how well is IRMER understood within radiology? What about outside? Can
we improve referral practice? How will the wealth of data on patient radiation dose and demographics be managed in the future? Can we rationalise our use of PPE, balancing
radiation protection with other risks?
Come to this event to network with your colleagues in radiology, physics, and the various government bodies.
Educational aims:
This event will provide information on the changing shape of IRMER and how it is assessed; including an opportunity to discuss the wider sphere of influence and involvement of
IRMER. It will also include a look at the future of data management in radiology and the balancing of risks when selecting and using PPE.


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